What is Powder Flushing? How does powder flushing work?

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Powder Flushing is a brand new central heating cleaning process, and by far the best way to clean sludge out of a central heating system.
An abrasive powder is added to the central heating water, while flushing the system. This abrasive acts like sandpaper on the inside of the system, but obviously more gentle. It is recommended that all open vented systems (systems with a feed and expansion tank in the loft) bePowder Flushed NOT power flushed. Power flushing these systems are NOT as effective as companies claim.
Powder Flushing
is much more effective at cleaning hard build-ups of sludge, as it reconditions the pipe work to almost new. Normal power flushing can only clean loose sludge with fast flowing water and chemicals and is NOT very good at loosening up or removing hard build-ups of sludge.

- Can be done on any size pipe, domestic or commercial.
- Cleans badly sludged up systems much better than standard power flushing.
- Viable alternative to using acidic treatments in metallic systems.
- Much cheaper alternative over the replacement of boilers / heat exchangers / whole system pipe work.
- Cleans microbore systems and pipes much better than power flushing can.
- Non-acidic and compatible with all plastics and metals in systems.
- The abrasive used is non-toxic.
- Environmentally friendly and can be safely disposed of down the drain.
- Can be used to clean individual parts like boilers, pumps and heat exchangers.
- 100% of the abrasive is retrieved, leaving the system completely clean.
- Hard on sludge, but safe on the rest of the system. Does not damage system or any part thereof.

Where is powder flushing most effective?
- Old open vented systems that are that are over 10 years old.. These systems get hard build-up of sludge on large sections of pipework that power flushing can't always handle.
- When standard power flushing has failed to remove enough sludge from boiler or system.
- Cleaning microbore systems.
- Boiler flushing (when heat exchangers are full of sludge and make “kettle” noises).
- Cleaning open vented systems that are over 10 years old.
- Where there are still problems on the system with flow, when a power flush has been performed and all parts of the system are working fine.
- Cleaning large bore commercial / industrial pipes where replacement is not possible or too costly.

The powder flush technology was created out of our own research department. Note that this technology can also be referred to as bead flush, grit flush or pellet flush.

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